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How to Decorate: Phase Three (what do I like?) part B or appendix C or somesuch - Icarus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Painfully perky

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How to Decorate: Phase Three (what do I like?) part B or appendix C or somesuch [May. 23rd, 2013|11:34 pm]
Painfully perky
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Continuing the How To Decorate series (see How To Decorate: Phase One and Phase Two, and Phase Three here)....

We've figured out the practical stuff: how we're going to use the space, what we have and what we need. Now we're on to style: figuring out what we like.

I guess we've spent three years doing this.

Well. I did say take your time....

I suggested in Phase Three that you come up with words to describe what you like. [personal profile] synecdochic pointed out it might be helpful to have the official terms. Good point. Others asked for a browsing guide. Another good point. Why get catalogues when you can look online?

Here you go:

Possible words you chose - stark, New York penthouse, urban, cool, sleek, metal and glass, monochromatic, abstract, high contrast, IKEA-esque

Contemporary (I don't have a link for this one because it's often mixed up with modern)
Possible words - suburban, updated, practical, uncomplicated, basic, overstuffed, warm, cushion-y, relaxed, normal, JCPenney-esque

Possible words - sophisticated, mature, British-y, formal, fancy, dignified, old fashioned, the-furniture-with-little-feet-that-look-like-they're-going-to-walk-away, Sherlock Holmes-y

Possible words - detailed, oriental, hand-carved, lacquered, solid, lots of red and black, intricate, very Chinese-y

Transitional (note the big difference between this and Asian)
Possible words - Zen-like, streamlined, artsy, unusual shapes, simple curved lines, Japanese-esque

Country (decorator!mom says most people mix contemporary and country; it's hard to pull off)
Possible words - farm furniture, down home, woodsy, old west, grandma-like, cutesy, kitschy, handmade, southern, cabin in the woods, Bed & Breakfast style

Shabby Chic
Possible words - artistically beat up, French-looking, washed out, not everything matches but it still goes, acid washed, lots of white cottage stuff, Anthropologie-esque

There are many other styles, but these are a few of the popular ones. Some of those other styles are pretty self-explanatory: Retro or Tropical, for example? Others tend to be included with the major ones above: Mission style (included with country), French Country (which shabby chic elaborates on), Queen Anne (included with traditional), Chippendale (also included in traditional).

That should get you started.

The next part I've had the hardest time with: Phase Four: Layout. The actual placement of furniture.

Yes. Finally we get to decorate.

[User Picture]From: amanuensis1
2013-05-31 02:25 am (UTC)
I made time to look at this series of yours; it's very educational! Looking forward to more!
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[User Picture]From: icarusancalion
2013-05-31 02:26 am (UTC)
Marvelous. I almost have the next part done. :)
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