Painfully perky (icarusancalion) wrote,
Painfully perky

Rough night tutoring

Tutoring last night was rough. I had new students and students who'd been with other tutors suddenly switched to me, so my structure for the sessions couldn't be used.

Then my last session... oy vey. An AP US History teacher was behind, so his student needed to be taught US history, from scratch, from WWII to Reagan. At the same time, I had my ESOL student who's trying to take advanced AP Language English, at the same time, I was trying teach the SAT essay, and we have a new grader who's harsh-yet-vague in his comments, holding high school students to a college standard. That isn't how you help young writers, and I couldn't get across how these comments were Not At All Helpful.

The session was a disaster, I was upset, and I had to admit -- I couldn't do. I haven't felt this incompetent in a long time.
Tags: teaching

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