Painfully perky (icarusancalion) wrote,
Painfully perky

The Empire Strikes Who What Now? - John/Cam - PG-13

Title: The Empire Strikes Who What Now?
Author: icarusancalion
Recipient: DorothyOz
Pairing: John/Cam, friendship
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Totally, totally clean.
Author's Notes: Four years ago DorothyOz wanted John/Cam. I gave her Peter Grodin (it's complicated what happened, but it was supposed to the first story in a three story series and... well, it was too complicated). Thank you to [profile] esteefic, [personal profile] sian1359, and [personal profile] wyomingnot for the beta.
Summary: The Atlantis expedition exchanges Christmas gifts, banter, and inside jokes.

(John glinted at him like a bad kid in high school who dared you, and got you sent to the principal’s office for the first time in your life.)
Tags: sg-1, sg-1 fic, sga, sga fic

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