January 2nd, 2007

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The SGA Project, a.k.a., "Flavor Of The Year."

Hello. I've been working on this off and on since October. School's just started again (Sanskritsanskritsanskrit...) so I probably won't have much time to reply to comments. *takes a deep breath* Okay, I hope I have enough disclaimers.

The SGA Project, a.k.a. "Flavor Of The Year."

The goal: Give readers a taste of 2006 Stargate fandom, provide a rec-list with context, a description of intertexts, and explanation.

Why: Coming from the Harry Potter fandom, I find myself constantly explaining stories we wrote and read two-three years ago, "yes, yes, well… canon was like this, you see, and there was this story and then someone wrote that other story in response and…." Fanfiction is interdependent, relying what happens in canon, in mainstream media, and in between other stories in fandom. Stargate Atlantis is just in its second year of fanfic, new enough that we can still trace these connections. Well. More or less. I mean, how do you trace the connections between over 2,000 writers and 7,000 stories?

Caveat: I don't speak for fandom, I only speak for my own limited view. Picture it as a fish-eye camera in the room: it's just "a" perspective but not the only one, and a different camera mounted at a different angle, pointed somewhere else, will capture a completely different picture. Anyone who wants to create their own analysis, or write more based on other pairings, please go ahead. I regret I can't cover everything. A particular bummer is that I can't do Het (don't know it) and I'm only touching on Gen. Any volunteers? Bueller-?

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This is not a fan award or a top ten list. It's a rec-list with a particular angle that attempts to capture a snapshot of the year. Obviously I'm going to choose stories I like, but what I'm interested in is intertextuality, context, the conversation that frames the stories.

Canon Synopsis, Let Us Take You Back: Collapse )

Affect of Canon on Fanfiction: Collapse )

Affect of Pop Culture on Fanon: Collapse )

Taking the Military Seriously: Collapse )

Effect of Current Events on Fandom, or Stargate's Usual Delight in Politics: Collapse )

The Natural Growth of a New Fandom. The Joys of Minor Characters: Collapse )

"That Kiss," and its Affect on Slash: Collapse )

A New Slashy Interest in John Sheppard: Collapse )

Fanon's Affect on Fanon, or, When in Doubt, Make it Up: Collapse )

Oh, Cool, A Direct Conversation between Fanfics: Collapse )

Wow, you're still reading this long essay? Color me impressed. Moving right along...

A Silly Fandom Taking Itself More Seriously, This Time With Crossgender: Collapse )

Multimedia. Yes, It's a Buzzword, but it's Also True: Collapse )

The Backbone of the Stargate Atlantis Fanfiction: Collapse )

The Lure of the Meme That Ate Fandom: Collapse )

The Recs:

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If you maintain a rec-list, drop me a note and I'll add it here for everyone's reference. (P.S. I won't be including del.icio.us lists, however. There are too many to include and the description field del.icio.us gives us is too small to describe stories well.)

ETA: By-the-way, feel free to disagree and add/or things that I missed (wickedwords has already brought up elsewhere that I didn't include the reel_sga plagiarism discussion, which is very true, amothea does feel that "Your Cowboy Days Are Over" should be on the list, liviapenn has added John/Teyla trends outside the scope of the essay). This is meta. Go for it.